Sherborne St John Parish Council formed a planning sub-committee several years ago to consider and comment on planning applications, Granting of Certificates of Lawfulness and Change of Use applications that are submitted to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

The plans that are sent to the Parish Council for consideration and comment do not only include those for developments submitted individually by residents  within the Parish boundary but also those adjoining our boundary, for example North of Popley and Monk Sherborne. 

Generally there are 3 - 4 members of the Parish Council who are on the Planning Sub-Committee, however when application warrants it due to scale, impact or is contentious then all members of the Parish Council will be involved.

All of the Parish Council are very keen to maintain the structure of the village, the community spirit which is evident in the village, our villages individuality and identity and maintaining our separation from the town. At the same time we acknowledge that we have to develop and change with today’s society and residents needs in general.

We always welcome comments from the public either at the planning meeting by email, letter or telephone. You can contact the Parish Clerk or anyone on the  committee.

If planning deadlines require it the committee will meet in between scheduled meetings. 

Wherever possible we will endeavour to support concerns and objections that residents have to a proposed development, provided we can establish and use an objective and constructive “planning” comment / objection.

Currently the planning committees meets at 7pm prior to the scheduled Parish Council meeting at 7.30pm – the dates for the Parish Council meeting are publicised on this website and on local notice boards.

Details of planning applications and their associated documents can be found on the Planning section of the Basingstoke and Deane website found via the link below.

BDBC Planning