The Neighbourhood Plan

Sherborne St John Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are in the process of updating the Sherborne St John Neighbourhood Plan which was adopted in 2017.

We are using this review opportunity to improve, strengthen and update some of the policies which could protect the village’s special character and amenities.



Review of Sherborne St John Neighbourhood Plan - Regulation 14 Consultation

The Sherborne St John Neighbourhood Plan is currently undergoing a review, and we invite the public to participate in the Regulation 14 consultation. This consultation period will commence on Monday 25th September 2023 and run for a period of six weeks, concluding at midnight on 6th November 2023. During this time, the Neighbourhood Plan will be accessible for public review and comments.

The full list of documents and the questionnaire can be found at Reference copies of the Neighbourhood Plan and other documents and paper response forms can be viewed at:

  • Sherborne St John Village Hall, Kiln Road, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke RG24 9HR (10:00-14:30 Mon – Fri).
  • Sherborne Village Store, Sireburne Close, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke, RG24 9YZ (07:30-21:00 daily)
  • St Andrews Church, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke, RG24 9HT (Please contact the Church for opening hours on tel:07897 562134)
  • Swan Pub, 3 Kiln Road, Sherborne St John, Basingstoke, RG24 9HS (Monday – Friday: 11:00-23:00- Sat 09:30-23:00- Sun: 09:30- 22:30)

Additionally, we are hosting an open evening on Friday 6th October at the Village Hall, from 7-10pm, where you can learn more about the Neighbourhood Plan and provide feedback.

For those unable to attend in person, the Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents are also available for review online at, this can also be accessed by scanning the QR code below.  On the website, you will find an electronic questionnaire where you can submit your comments.

We encourage all members of the public to participate in this important review process. Your feedback will help shape the future development and protection of our community. Together, we can ensure a sustainable and inclusive future for Sherborne St John.

25 September 2023







07 August 2023


The existing Neighbourhood Plan contains a rural character planning policy (SSJ Policy 2) which seeks amongst other things to retain and protect existing open spaces in the village.

As part of the review, the Parish Council are proposing additional Local Green Space designations for open spaces which are of a particular local significance and value to the community. Local Green Space designations are afforded the same level of protection as Green Belt status.

Selection of these additional Local Green Spaces has been based upon their proximity to the village, being special to the local community (because of their amenities, appearance, and wildlife/habitat), and being local in character/not an extensive tract of land. 

Follow this link to find out more, including Maps of locations  Local Green Spaces 



Community involvement is highly valued, and we are committed to engaging with local residents to ensure any future development adds value to the local area and its people.

A questionnaire has been designed to understand what has changed since the adoption of the existing Neighbourhood Plan. This questionnaire is an opportunity for you to share your views and help shape the future of Sherborne St John.

Click on this link to complete the questionnaire  -




Sherborne St John has had a Neighbourhood Plan since May 2017.

The Sherborne St John Neighbourhood Development Plan was prepared by Sherborne St John Parish Council on behalf of the people of the Parish to make the most of a significant opportunity that has been presented to local communities to shape the way in which they grow and evolve. It covers the period from 2011 to 2029.

Upon the advent of the Localism Act in 2011, parishes and local forums were granted the power to prepare planning policies and guidance that will play a central role in governing the way in which their towns, villages and rural areas grow. As a response to this opportunity, the Parish Council resolved to undertake the preparation of this Plan and have in turn undertaken a significant scheme of consultation and analysis to deliver a Neighbourhood Plan which directly seeks to manage the local development challenges that exist within the Parish.

Following this lengthy process, a draft submission was sent to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council on 1st November 2016.  The Sherborne St John Neighbourhood Plan was published for a 7 week period of consultation. During the publicity period Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, in consultation with Sherborne St John Parish Council appointed an independent person through the Neighbourhood Plan Independent Examiner Referral Service (NPIERS) to examine the plan.

The seven week consultation ran from 28 November 2016 until 16 January 2017 and more details on the consultation can be found in this Basingstoke And Deane Guidance Notes on SSJ Neighbourhood Plan document.

The Consultation website itself can be found at

The Independent Examiner found that the SSJ Neighbourhood Plan submitted met the legal requirements - subject to a small number of amendments.  These amendments were incorporated in the revised Plan and this Revision went to Referendum on Thursday 4th May 2017; when the Parish residents voted 346-242 to accept the SSJ Neighbourhood Plan.

The Plan went through its final stage at a Full Basingstoke and Deane Council Meeting on May 18th 2017.

The Plan

Sherborne St John Neighbourhood Plan

Main Supporting Documentation

1. SSJ Baseline Evidence Report

2. SSJ Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement

3. SSJ Neighbourhood Plan Housing Needs Review

4. SSJ Neighbourhood Plan Site Sustainability Report

5. BDBC Screening Report

6. SSJ Neighbourhood Plan Scheme of Delegation

7. SSJ Housing Site Identification Appraisal & Selection Process

8. SSJ Basic Conditions Statement

Other Supporting Documentation

I. Evidence Base Document

II. Action Hampshire Housing Needs Survey

III. Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

IV. Questionnaire Survey Summary Results

V. Neighbourhood Plan Draft Report

VI. Neighbourhood Plan Call for Sites Discussion Paper

VII. SSJ Population Prediction

VIII. Water Resources

IX. Landscape Capacity

X. Wildlife Map

XI. Evidence Base Roads Traffic

XI. (i) Evidence Base Road Traffic HCC Proof of Evidence (Howard)

XI. (ii) Evidence Base Road Traffic BDBC Proof of Evidence (Jones)

XI. (iii) Evidence Base Road Traffic BDBC Proof of Evidence (Parsons)

XII. SSJ Village Design Statement 2004

XIII. Sherborne St John Parish Map

XIV. Plan Showing the Location of the Short-Listed Sites A

XV. Plan Showing the Location of the Short-Listed Sites B

XVI. (i) A340 Cranes Road Site Location Plan

XVI. (ii) SSJNP 001 Revised - A340 Cranes Rd  Outline Scheme Sept 2015

XVI. (iii) A340 Cranes Road Site Assessment

XVII. Local Green Space Policy Assessments

XVIII. SSJ NP Business & Employment

XIX. 2003 Conservation Area Appraisal

XX. 2003 Conservation Area Map

XXI. Glossary

XXII. Sigma Stage 2 Appraisal Cranes Rd

The Neighbourhood Plan was driven by a Steering Committee set up in early 2014 in order to deliver the Neighbourhood Plan and communicate with residents.  Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Committee Meetings and associated documents can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan Committee page.