Sherborne St John is served by two public bus routes, operated by Stagecoach, Route 2 and Route 22.

The no.22 bus route normally operates three times at day from roughly 9:30am to 2:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays only doing a loop from Basingstoke via the hospital, down Elm Road, Cranes Road back to the hospital and then back into Basingstoke.  

The no.2 route from Baughurst to Basingstoke runs 7 days per week and up to every 12 minutes Monday to Friday at peak times, stays on the Aldermaston Road, through West End, with a stop at Dixons Corner and does NOT come through the main Sherborne St John village.

On College days only, route 622 operates two early morning runs via Tadley and Manor Road and Cranes Road to the Rail Station and Queen Mary's College and one afternoon return jouney. This route does NOT serve the hospital or bus station.

Times of buses are displayed at relevant bus stops, full timetables can be obtained at the bus station or found on the Stagecoach website or App.  You can also use the information below.

Bus Route 2 Timetable (24th January 2021 onwards)

A direct link to the timetables for Bus Route 2 can be found here.

Bus Route 22 Timetable

Now operating every Tuesday and Thursday as per timetable below:

Basingstoke to Sherborne St John

Basingstoke Bus Station (Stop C) 09:35 11:35 13:35
Basingstoke Railway Station (Stop Y) 09:38 11:38 13:38
North Hampshire Hospital 09:45 11:45 13:45
Sherborne St John o/s Cranes Farm 09:48 11:48 13:48

Sherborne St John to Basingstoke

Sherborne St John o/s Cranes Farm 09:48 11:48 13:48
North Hampshire Hospital 09:56 11:56 13:56
Basingstoke Railway Station (Stop X) 10:02 12:02 14:02
Basingstoke Bus Station (Stop L) 10:06 12:06 14:06